Light-Duty Corporate Fleet Training Courses

Virtual Classroom training via WebEx

These interactive sessions instruct students in the skills and knowledge vital to driving safely on the road. We have a two-hour course with a four-hour available. Your drivers can access the training from any computer, anywhere that’s convenient for them. The course provides training in the three areas that contribute to crashes:

  1. The Driver: Center for Transportation Safety (CTS) places emphasis on things the driver can control: distracted driving, speeding, alcohol and/or drug impairment, fatigue, aggressive driving, and use of occupant restraints
  1. The Vehicle: The driver can only partially control the vehicle, so CTS provides important tips on maintaining a safe vehicle
  1. The Environment: The driver has no control over the environment – only how they react to situations such as snow and ice, rain, fog, or animals on the roadway.

Foundations Training

Driver behavior is the leading cause of vehicle crashes. Dedicated training focused on a driver’s attitude can have a significant positive impact. To reduce risk in your fleet, your fleet drivers need to understand the principles behind safe driving habits – and put them into action when they drive. The Center for Transportation Safety (CTS) Foundations for Safe Driving class is designed to teach and reinforce these principles. Students spend four hours of classroom time learning, followed by four hours of behind-the-wheel exercises, typically consisting of backing, parking, emergency maneuvers, distracted driving, and development drive.

High-Risk Training Course

When it comes to high risk drivers, most often the challenge is not their knowledge of basic driving skills, but the choices and decisions they make behind the wheel. CTS offers a proven safety training course designed to help these drivers learn to choose behaviors that lead to a safer driving record, fewer accidents, and reduced risk.

Depending on your fleet needs, the CTS High Risk course offers two levels of instruction:

  1. Standard 4-hour classroom Foundations for Safe Driving Defensive Driving course, followed by behind-the-wheel exercises
  1. The National Safety Council Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving Course—an instructional intervention course for problem drivers and repeat traffic offenders—is presented in a 6-hour classroom session followed by a 60-90 minute Development Drive.

Participants are actively involved in evaluating their driving habits and making decisions and choices about their driving behaviors. Using the underlying principles of Choice Theory, developed by Dr. William Glasser, the CTS High Risk Training course will help drivers:

  1. Identify problem behaviors
  2. Choose more need-fulfilling, positive behaviors
  3. Create an action plan to change unwanted behaviors


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